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Ryukyu Bingata as a beautiful and unique textile in Okinawa
From the Ryukyu dynasty era, Bingata has been passed on generation to generation by overcoming the hardship of its history.
This exhibition introduces the history of Bingata, its unique techniques and a new initiative of rejuvenating the tradition with the cooperation of the Shiroma family and the Chinen family, the studios have continued since the Ryukyu dynasty era.


In commemoration of ICOM, the first ever collaboration between Nishijin textile, a traditional handcrafts representative of Kyoto, and Ryukyu Bingata becomes reality.
At the Ryukyu Bingata exhibition, you can see demonstrations of Nishijin’s weaving and Bingata’s dyeing techniques, as well as a special limited release of Nishijin’s Wind God and Thunder God Screens (“Fujin Raijin-zu”) at the commemoration of the ICOM Kyoto convention, which took 7 years to produce. Moreover, Bingata works that are not open to the public and that are heirlooms of both families are exhibited.
A special kimono show tailored by “Obi is Nishijin” and “Kimono is Bingata” will be performed for the duration of this exhibition (note: A kimono show is performed every day at the Nishijin Textile Center). You can also enjoy Ryukyu dance on the same stage on September 6th and 7th only.
The Ryukyu Bingata community launched the Ryukyu Bingata Preservation and Expansion Consortium (RBPC) in April this year. Under the concept of “Genuine to Everyday, Genuine to Modern”, RBCP has started a new initiative on how to harness a history and beauty of traditional crafts in modern life. In this exhibition, we also introduce the efforts of RBPC, which connects tradition with innovation

Please come and join us, the collaboration of Ryukyu Bingata and Nishijin Textile, both of which have roots in Japan and Ryukyu dynasty culture and are Japan’s leading traditional crafts of dyeing and weaving.

Date:Sep 1-7, AM10:00-PM06:00


西陣織会館 2階,3階/Nishijin Textile Center 2、3F


Ryukyu Bingata Preservation and Expansion Consortium(RBPC):


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