spot.03|Tom Wegener has come!
Panel Talk & Reception Party [Official Program]

2019.09.06 [FRI]
FabCafe Kyoto / MTRL KYOTO

A panel talk, movie viewing and reception party will be held in honor of Tom Wegener’s visit to Japan. The panel talk will feature Wegener and the program’s initiators, Takuya Tsutsumi and Shin Aoki. They will talk about their thoughts, feelings and future aspirations toward crafting and surfing in their respective regions. There will be a viewing of the short film Beyond Tradition, and a party where participants can converse with Wegener. Come and join us on this special night!

●Time: Sep. 06, 2019 (Fri) opens 6:00 pm, starts 6:30 pm


●Fee: 2,000 yen (includes snacks) plus one drink order, maximum 70 seats


●Venue: FabCafe Kyoto / MTRL KYOTO — South of Tominokoji-Gojo